October 27, 2011

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Please remember that, if you file a state tax return in Arizona, donations to RAD are eligible for a dollar for dollar credit under the Arizona State Tax Credit for the Working Poor program. This means, if you donate to RAD, you will receive a credit from the state in the amount of your donation. A person filing as an individual may contribute up to $200. A couple filing together may contribute up to $400. More information on these credits can be found on the State of Arizona Department of Revenue website.

As an organization of volunteer fundraisers, we are extremely proud of our history as a charity that uses 100% of our donations to pay the fees associated with therapeutic sports and recreation for our disabled citizens. We have paid the City of Chandler Therapeutic Recreation Program fees for various Special Olympics competitive sports such as bowling, track and field, basketball, golf, swimming, softball, flag football, and floor hockey and now soccer. We also sponsor special events such as our Spring Sock Hop, Holiday Movie Night, and Family Luau and Swim Party.

We are hoping to continue, and even expand, our services in the future, but we need your help.


PO Box 7823
Chandler, AZ 85246-7823

For more information please contact:
Collette Prather
Recreation Coordinator I
Chandler Parks and Recreation
phone:  (480) 782-2709
fax:        (480) 782-2725