RAD Pays so others can play!

What is rad?

RAD is a Chandler Arizona based non-profit 501(c)3 organization founded by parents of individuals with disabilities and other concerned citizens.  RAD is dedicated to assisting any person who has a disability and wants to participate in recreation or athletic activities. For individuals with disabilities, the City of Chandler offers a year-round schedule of sports, fitness and social activities.  RAD raises funds to pay the costs for registration fees, equipment, and transportation associated with the city's therapeutic program.  This includes bowling, softball, golf, track, tennis, other therapeutic sports, and social events such as dances, pool parties and special movie nights at local theaters.

As an organization of volunteer fundraisers, we are proud of our history as a charity that uses almost 100% of donations to help people with disabilities take advantage of Chandler's award winning Therapeutic Recreation program. We are hoping to continue, and even expand, our services in the future, but we need your help.  Checks can be sent to RAD, PO Box, 7823, Chandler Arizona 85246-7823 or click on PayPal link below.

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